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Club picks from May 9 and beyond

The big room at Jub's is hosting another Steroids Injection Gone Wrong super loud one, this time headlined by Miami, Fla., band Thick as Blood. One of the better modern hardcore metal bands, they write catchy yet still brutal riffs and combine "Anaboliset Aineet" that with a strict adherence to the hardcore punk side of things, clearly at the expense of trendy death metal or melodic metal influences. This turns out to work well, as Thick Gensci Jintropin as Blood sound up to date and (a good) old fashioned at the same time. They play this show with tour mates Betrayal (from Southern Cali and in a similar style) and local death metal/hardcore bands The Jet Stole Home, A Sight For Sore Eyes and Smoke Filled Skies.A bunch of local/regional DJ/artists return for "Anabolika Definition" this edition of "The Boom" It features , Boggan, Game Genie, Hephay and Richard Xavier.Hip hop with modern hard rock vibes permeate the sound Methandienone Msds of Tucson's . He is on tour with Pennsylvania rapper Whitney Peyton, Arizona rappers Knuckleheads and Illinois artist Whiteout. $10 adv., $15 door, 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone all agesGreat Basin Brewing Co.This soul/rock group from Reno is releasing an EP at the show. Also on the bill is Tahoe funk/rock band Thick Newton. An all Tahoe group Injectable Steroids Australia called Red Room Ramble plays the after party. Free, 21+Willy Tea TaylorBrasserie Saint JamesI'm not sure if Willy Tea Taylor's excellent trad country/roots rock band has ever played here, but it'll be great to see his solo work. His band, The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit, has been a longtime fixture in the Central Cali scene and he plays a great part in the success of the group. Honest and real, his music isn't a kitsch hipster approximation of country this is the real deal, well written and heartfelt. Two local indie/acoustic artists also play this one: Bryan Jones and Josiah Knight. Free, all agesThis thrash meets hardcore metal band from Southern Cali is part of a bill with local metal bands We Predict a Riot, Scattered, Enslave the Creation Buy Viagra Berlin and We Came To Conquer. $6, all ages.